Landscape Lighting & Water Features

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Hi! My name is Allen Watts from Anything Grows, a store for gardeners in Stratford, Ontario. On behalf of, I am please to speak to you about tips for new gardeners looking at garden designs and the previous clip we looked at 2 of the elements to consider in garden designs, earth and air and I would like to speak to briefly now about water and fire. Water in the gardens are a really popular trend right now as well. Whether you are looking at a small water feature, table top fountain or wall fountain, statuary fountain and many different options available or on a larger scale water feature in the garden could be installing something like a pond. Swimming pools I guess also act as a water feature in the garden. It just somewhat takes over the garden but that is individual choice. Water is really a lovely element in the garden in terms of natural white noise it creates. It is a very soothing effect and very complimentary in a garden setting to create a sense of space and a different environment. It is also something that is very welcoming. Fire being the last element; fire in the garden one might not think is necessarily a good thing. If we are only talking about candle lighting, that's not so bad and that gets into the whole area of lighting but on a very small level a very attractive way to light a night garden. Also what is popular now are fire bowls, fire pits that have become legal in many communities because of their popularity where you have the idea of the note door fireplace or fire feature and that is very nice for entertaining. You can extend your season by being to sit outdoors longer, earlier in the season or later in the season or later in the evening because you are able to have something to generate some nice heat and everyone loves sitting by a fire. The fire pits are features that are using some of the products like oils or flammable alcohol fuel are a more simple way to create sort of an entertaining way of dealing with fire in the garden and it is just very dramatic, a very different way to enhance an evening party of something like that.