How to Use Fragrances in a Moon Garden

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Hi, this Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of ExpertVillage. In this series we are talking about moon gardening. One of the best parts of your garden is the fragrance that it creates. So in your moon garden make sure to select plants that have fragrance. Because after a long day at work and under the moonlight when you are sitting next to your garden, there's nothing like smelling the wonderful fragrance of a lilac or a lilly of the valley or a daphne, and it really reminds you why you garden because it is just intoxicating and we remember those fragrances for the rest of our life. So there's nothing more exciting than going to visit a friend with a moon garden, having a cup of tea under the moonlight, enjoying the fragrances, and sitting back and relfecting on the day. Because fragrance really is something that we never forget and in your moon garden it will make it unforgettable. Next we'll talk about garden art for your moon garden.