Introduction to Growing Tomato Seedlings

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I'm Travis Steglich with Steglich Farm Supply in Bartlett, Texas and I am here with Expert Village to talk about planting tomatoes. Actually transplants in a greenhouse for spring of the year. We are here in January, it's a little early for planting tomatoes. You want to plant them probably about 6 weeks with seeds in the ground before you intend to set them out into the garden. That means that you are going to be in fairly cold weather so you are going to need a very bright window sill on the south or southeast side of the house that gets a lot of sun during the day or a greenhouse or some way to keep them warm and keep the frost from freezing them. A lot of people do grow them in small quantities on just a window sill. I am not a huge operation, I just grow a few plants for my customers and for my own amusement and tomatoes are some of the most widely grown vegetables in the world as far as home gardener's and cooks go.