What is Canadian Grass?

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Canadian grass consists of 50 percent creeping red fescue, 25 percent Kentucky blue grass and 25 percent annual rye grass, which makes up a great formula for colder climates. Learn how to care for Canadian grass with helpful information from a... View Video Transcript

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Hi this Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to answer the question what is Canadian grass. Now if you've watched TV or you've been to a store that says seen on TV then you know about Canadian grass. And it's a marketing scheme or marketing plan to sell just a mixture of grass for cold climate planting. So Canadian grass is basically fifty percent creeping red fescue which is a great grass for shade and colder climates. And it's twenty five percent Kentucky blue grass which is a great grass for cold climates for a sunny location. And then it's twenty five percent annual rye grass which doesn't come back from year to year but it fills in nicely in the spots that are bare. And it's a great mix if you live in a cold climate and it has rave reviews from many people. But in reality Canadian grass is not that different then the grass that you can find at the local hardware store for one tenth the price. So as long as you have the mix of the Kentucky blue grass and the red fescue whether you have sun or shade in a colder climate it's going to grow really well. Now the problem with Canadian grass is if you plant it in really hot climates in California and Florida it will grow really nice and lush in the spring but as soon as that heat hits in the summer it turns brown and dies. Because it does not like the hot climates. It needs a cold winter. So make sure if you do buy the Canadian grass that you use it only in colder climates and realize in the warmer climates it's not going to do very well and in the end you can buy your own perennial grass mixes at the local hardware store for one tenth of the price and have the same results. Canadian grass is a beautiful grass and it does very well in summer shade in cold climates but you can find the same grass at your local market.