House Cleaning Product Safety

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House cleaner safety is important to keep pets and kids safe, learn about house cleaning in this free video. View Video Transcript

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To determine what products are kid and pet friendly, you’re going to want to look at the back of the bottle. Every bottle has to keep out of reach of children, and that’s very important. So you want to make sure that you lock all your cabinets that have cleaning supplies in them. Never leave cleaning supplies in a bowl or a bottle that a kid might think is food. So you want to make sure to keep everything out of reach of children, and that’s clearly labeled on the back of every bottle. If anything were to happen- if you were to get the spray in your eyes or to swallow it, get it on your skin, or if the spray actually gave you irritation or a rash, there’s directions on the back of each bottle to actually tell you how do with that as well as a telephone number so that if something out of the ordinary occurs, you can also call that telephone number. In case of emergency, you do need to call 911.