How to Clean Blood Stains

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Clean blood stains by rinsing the clothing in cold water, scrubbing it with diluted detergent and then blotting at the stain. For old blood stains, soak the clothes in cold salt water with instructions from the owner of a cleaning service in this free... View Video Transcript

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Hi. Johnny came home today with a little bit of blood on his shirt. He fell and he got hurt. I'm Cyn Deer. I'm from 3's Company Too. I'm going to show you how to get rid of blood off of your clothing. So the first thing you want to do is... Hopefully it's just happened and it's not set in. You're going to rinse in cool water. You're going to scrub. A little bit of sudsy water, a little bit of diluted detergent helps. Then you scrub. Once again, sometimes the blotting helps pull it out a little bit. If you're out, spit on it. It'll help pull out the blood. That's one thing I tried once, and I was surprised that it worked. You want to wash it afterwards the way that it's recommended by the manufacturer on the tag. If it is a set-in stain, you want to let it soak for several hours in salt water, that way it can help lift the stain and then, again, wash as the garment is directed to on the tag. So hopefully, you will not have any blood stains on your clothing in the near future or ever. I'm Cyn Deer, and this was how to remove blood stains.