How to Capture More Storage Space

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Finding home storage space can be a creative process involving baskets and room dividers. Create more storage and room space in a house using trays, chests and dividers using this free video with tips from an experienced housekeeper. View Video Transcript

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Hi. I'm Ann Myrick and I'm here to tell you about how to capture more storage in your house. There are so many creative ways that you can use furnishings in two or three different ways. Take into consideration these great trunks. You can; you could use one these for a coffee table. You could put a tray on it and you could have a solid top along with using the inside for all the storage as far as blankets, trays, whatever you need. So, chests are great pieces where you can use them as little tables, as a coffee table and you can also store inside. Another thing that I love to use is whether it's a woven basket or a neat old metal basket I love putting baskets in children's rooms or in rooms that collect a lot of things, because that way you can just throw the magazines or throw the children's toys in the containers. So, the container looks great, but then you have all the toys and all the things inside. Right now in stores they are just selling a lot of very fun bright canvas containers. These are great in a bookcase lined up together, all different colors. You can use two or three together on a chest. They are great because they are real bright colors and you can just put all types of homework and office supplies in them or all different types of toys in them. So, they are inexpensive, but very fun to use. In buying furniture the best thing to do is when you buy a piece of furniture be sure it has, if you need the space, be sure it has drawers, be sure it has doors in it. Always think about what you can buy that you can; that has storage available. This is Ann Myrick and that is how to capture more storage in your house. Thank you.