Washing Machine Temperatures

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When using a washing machine, a hot/cold temperature setting is good for whites, while a warm/cold setting is better for denim jeans. Check the label on a piece of clothing if there is a question on what washing machine settings to use, with help from a... View Video Transcript

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Hi, my name is Sandy. I'm with the Maids Home Services and I wanted to talk about the different kinds of water temperature with the colors of your laundry that you would be washing. We have settings on your washing machine. There's a warm/cold, cold/cold, and a hot/cold. Basic rule of thumb for me, is I use my cold temperatures for my colors. I use my hot/cold for my whites. For my denim jeans, I would use warm/cold. Any time you have any questions or it's causing you to doubt on how to wash a certain piece of laundry, you can always check the label. It's going to match up properly with the washing machine. It'll tell you exactly the temperatures to wash it on and even if it can be washed. That's how you would decide the temperature to wash your laundry in.