How to Use Ladders for Window Cleaning

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Hi everybody, Tanner Falcon back from Danny Tanner's Window Washing on behalf of Right now I want to talk to you about your small ladder usage around the house and getting some of the top of your windows safely done. Leverage is a big important part about actually getting your windows clean. You don't want to be reaching for stuff. You will notice the top of the window from the inside. You are standing a little higher inside than you are on the outside, so you will notice those things from actually inside the window. You are going to need anywhere from about a 4 inch, if you need a step stool, then get a step stool. I recommend anything from about 4 feet to 8 feet in length. You want to use these, for instance like here, yes I can reach that, but are you going to get that clean at the top. Probably not. So I want to use a ladder like this. It is very light, very easy to hang around with. You are going to set it make sure it?s......ladder safety; I cannot express to you how important ladder safety actually is. Always be safe on your ladder. Make sure everything is stable; make sure nothing is around the way. Make sure your ground is actually clear, you have a flat ground and if you don't have a flat ground I will talk to you more about overcoming that later on. Right now we do, so let's just be thankful for that. Stepping onto your ladder, make sure it is stable and getting to a safe part of the ladder. If you feel you need a spotter get a spotter. Don't take any chances getting to the safe part on the ladder where you have a nice leverage on your window. You want to be personal with the window. You want to get close to the window. A lot of misconceptions is those spray window things where you are spraying from down and it is real easy. No. Up close and personal with your window is how you want to do it. Get to your window. That does it for small ladder usage. Next I will be talking about how to maneuver your ladder inside and out of your house.