Using an Extraction Wand on Carpet

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DAVID GREEN: Hi. My name is David Green with We're now ready to do the steam rinse then steam extraction of the carpet. This process is where we're rinsing the carpet, putting the water in, and removing the dirt and our cleaning products with that dirty water. And the idea is that you rinse it enough, that you go over it enough, to not just make it look clean but to truly get it--not to make it just look good but to truly get it clean, so the key to that is enough rinsing. This is where most companies fall short. They're going for just--get as much visual improvement as possible. We're getting--I mean this carpet, even though this carpet looks clean, it is dirty. And so by rinsing it enough is what is really going to get it clean. So, with the--when he starts taking this wand back and forth, initially, he's holding this handle the whole time rinsing the carpet and running water through the whole time, and you're going to see him do straight forward, straight backstrokes which will--which is just more thorough than the triangular strokes. He's going to be rinsing it more times by going straight--well, here, I'll show you. This is a visual. Do a straightforward and come back at an angle. That means I only rinsed that one time, but as well I didn't even extract because you're extracting it on your way back. And then, what most companies would do is they come back and then they go forward. So there--a lot of the areas they're only hitting once to maybe twice, where with our stroke, we're going to go straightforward, straight back, halfway over--actually, a little bit less than halfway over. We're going to rinse it again, back and forth, and then halfway over again. So we're actually getting everything about four times. And go ahead and show that all the way through. You can hear the water coming out and then being pulled off by the vacuum.