How to Set Up Indoor Ladders

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Whether you are doing home repairs or washing windows in your home, a good ladder can be a huge help. Learn how to set up indoor ladders in your home in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Hey everybody, Tanner Falcon here from Danny Tanners' Window Washing on behalf I'm inside right now with my mini ladder and I want to be able to use my ladder inside safely and make sure I don't damage my floors. So first I'm going to steady the ladder against something safe. A heavier ladder you're going to usually want to put on the ground. This is a very light ladder so I know it's not going anywhere. I then want to take my throw towel and I want to throw this down on anything, especially where I'm going to be placing the ladder, but any kind of hard wood that you might think you might drip on. I then want to take the ladder and I want to open it right here. I want to make sure it's steady. As you can see it's not steady. I'm not going to get on that ladder because I might fall; make sure your legs are down, we're steady now. I want to step on, test it, I like it. The reason why I'm talking about this mini ladder inside is because you don't want to take a chance of getting on your counter top and reaching and doing all this and that, this and that. It's uncomfortable and it's just not how you should do it. You want to make sure you've got the leverage. If I have to get up here and get down on it like that, that's what you need to do. Mostly you just want to be, like I said, up close and personal with your window. So, that does it for the inside usage of the ladder. Make sure you're not touching your blinds once again; your hands are very dirty. That does it for all the ladder movement and inside ladder usage. Next, more tips on how to get your windows clean.