Picking a Carpet Cleaning Service

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DAVID GREEN: Hi. My name is David Green. I'm here with ExpertVillage.com and we're going to be talking about running a carpet cleaning business and the important factors. And one of the ones--one of the most important things for a professional company to make sure that they have in place before starting, as well as any consumer to make sure that that company is offering, is that they are licensed, insured, and most importantly have worker's compensation for--in different states, it's called different things, L & I, Labor and Industries, I think. I don't know. I've been in different states. But basically, it's insurance on whoever is on the job that if they get hurt that there will be some type of coverage for their injuries. And if not, the consumer is taking the liability. So somebody falls off a ladder, they could be sued. So the insurance is important to protect the customer, as well as to protect the company. I'm not a big believer in bonds because bonds, from what I understood it, just mainly protect the customer, then you have to pay back that bond if damage is done, where insurance is going to protect both yourself as well as the customer. So it's, in my opinion, a much better form of coverage.