How to Choose a Maid Service

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Choosing a maid service can be hard, what kinds of maid services to avoid and get house cleaning tips and advice in this free video. View Video Transcript

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If you’re like me, you never have time to clean, so hiring a maid service is very important. There are four easy steps to hiring a maid service. The first one is deciding what exactly you want cleaned in your house. You are going to do every day tasks, but the maid service might want to come in and dust, clean the ceiling fans, mop for you. So you want to make a list of exactly what you want done. The second step is to figure out how much you can pay. How much each service is worth in your eyes as well as how much you can afford a month. The third step is going to be to ask for recommendations from friends. Look in the phone book as well as using the internet to find different maid services. The fourth step is going to be to make appointments, and during those appointments, you’re going to make sure that each- whatever maid service you choose is going to be able to meet your all of your qualifications, including the amount of money spent and the services are going to be done professionally.