How to Clean a Bathtub

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Cleaning a bathtub can be done with normal household cleaners but sometimes requires the use of commercial cleaners when the tub is extremely dirty. Make a bathtub sparkle with a shine mother would be proud of with tips from a professional house cleaner... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Ann Myrick, and today I'm going to show you how to clean a bathtub. I'm in it, which is the easiest way, so you can get the walls of the bathtub and everything really clean. I am just going to use a commercial product, I like to use household products, but sometimes when a bathtub is really dirty, you want to be sure that you really get it clean, and so, I am going to use this commercial product today, and it's just a normal product you can buy in the store. And I'm going to spray, and I am big on spraying and letting it sit a little bit so it will get in and really work on the grime and the dirt. And then with a soft scrub sponge, I am going to do a circular motion very carefully, and just clean all the way around. And then once I have done the total bathtub, I'm going to come back, and you can either turn your water on and just use the water, or fill up your bucket, and where you can't get all the sides, you can just take your bucket, and slowly just rinse the walls, and then go all the way around and be sure you have gotten all the soap off. Then I would take a glass cleaner, and- (thank you, my assistant is standing on the side, helping me with all these products) and you spray, and then with a paper towel, you just clean the chrome. And again, you can use a lot of different- you can use a vinegar and water base, you can use- I'm just using a glass product that can clean about anything, and you want to just go all the way around and get all your chrome pieces. This is Ann Myrick, and that is how you clean a bathtub.