How to Clean Bathrooms: Cloths

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When cleaning a bathroom with cloths, a little bleach is helpful as an extra disinfectant. Use different cloths when cleaning bathrooms with tips from a housekeeper in this free video on cleaning bathrooms. View Video Transcript

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And now just one more thing before we get started I thought that would be helpful to you to know. Is the way I do way I do things with my cleaning cloths. I generally color code my cloths that I clean with. So for example, my white cloths are for my kitchen, my green cloths are for my toilets, my blue cloths are for my bathrooms. So that I know not to use those same cloths on the different, not to cross over with any of the colors. I also bleach my cloths when I clean them, I don't wash them with laundry. I wash them completely on their own, you know on a small load, because I'll only have maybe five or ten at one time to clean. So you want to make sure that, I mean I like to put some bleach in my laundry with my cloths, color safe bleach won't change these colors at all. But it's just an extra disinfectant, and it helps kill those germs. And then also once you've done that, make sure that you follow that with a very light wash. Or at least a white wash is what I do. Because I just want to make sure that none of that bleach gets on to my clothes, if it's a bleach that's not a color safe bleach. So just be aware of that, but usually one wash is fine and I've never had a problem with any whites spots or bleach issues with laundry afterwards. I've never had a problem with that. So that would be my pointer. These again you can buy these cloths for maybe five dollars for a pack of five or so, so they're fairly inexpensive.