How to Clean Bathrooms: Gloves

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Disposable gloves are useful in bathroom cleaning as they help avoid getting chemicals on the skin. Use gloves when cleaning bathrooms with tips from a housekeeper in this free video on cleaning bathrooms. View Video Transcript

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Just a couple more things I think will be important to share with you before we get started. Because I want to make sure that you're fully prepared, you know that everything has been covered. You don't have to use all of these things I'm suggesting, but these are pretty much anything you would need to consider to clean a bathroom, to clean a shower and a bathtub. Certainly you want to use gloves, okay. These actually are latex free, some people are allergic to latex so these come about one hundred and fifty in a box. It's about four or five dollars you can get this any place, you know, Rite-Aid or similar places. These are disposable obviously, so every time you use these you want to make sure that you throw these out. Don't keep these. We have also the latex gloves right here. Which I prefer. Some people like to just throw them out every time. But I prefer these because they're heavy duty, they're a couple of dollars for a pair of gloves. They cover your arms higher, I don't like to get splashes up my arms. And they're also got a nice soft inside, they're very comfortable. But they're durable, you can use the twenty, thirty times over. As long as you disinfect the outside when you're done before you put them back in your carrier, okay. So there's your options for your gloves.