Introduction to Removing Minerals & Deposits from the Bathroom

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Learn about removing minerals and deposits from the bathtub in this free introductory video lesson. View Video Transcript

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Hi I am Mark Williams and on behalf of Expert Village and the producer of this series you can visit our website at We are here today about removing calcium and other mineral build up in the bathroom. We are going to start with lavatory faucet which is probably one of the more use faucet of the bathroom and we are going to describe were the build up happen, how they happen, and what to do to get rid of all that build up. Minerals are dissolved in the water. They come naturally from the water source. Whether it would be the wall or an aquifer, out were the city puts in and treats it. What happens is the water splashes up on the faucet through use and it evaporates. It leaves behind these minerals which are really hard to get off. When you scrape at the minerals to get them off you expose the raw metal and that brings off the tarnish. The chemicals cause the metal to oxidize and leave behind this green tarnish.