How to Get Vomit Out of Carpeting

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Get vomit out of carpeting by cleaning up excess debris, vacuuming the area, soaking the stain with white vinegar and then vacuuming again. Allow the white vinegar to soak up the odor of vomit from carpeting using advice from the owner of a cleaning... View Video Transcript

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It's the morning after a party, and you've found a little surprise somebody left for you the night before. A little bit of vomit on your carpeting. I'm Cyn Deer, I'm with 3's Company Too and I'm going to show you how to remove vomit from your carpeting. First thing is, it's probably dry, so you want to get up what's on your carpeting. First thing you're going to do is grab your trusty paper towels, wipe up as much excess as possible, use your vacuum cleaner. That helps pulls up the nap. Then what you're going to use is some white vinegar. 'Cause that helps with the odor and it helps pull up the stain. So you're going to pretty much soak it and white vinegar smells so much better than vomit. And then you're going to rub that in after you've let it sit for a few minutes. You're going to let that dry, then again you're going to use your vacuum, once it's dry, you would use your vacuum again to pull it up. And then your carpet is clean from that horrible smell and debris left from the night before. So I'm Cyn Deer, this was how to remove vomit from your carpeting, and hopefully you'll have a great day and vomit free.