How to Clean Bathrooms: Shower Heads

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When cleaning a shower head, all that's really needed is a little disinfectant. Clean shower heads with tips from a housekeeper in this free video on cleaning bathrooms. View Video Transcript

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And as long as you put a little bit of elbow grease in to it, you don't need to use anything more than a disinfectant. Can you see that? O.k., and I'm going to rinse that one more time. So you can see the water's getting a little bit dirty here. But that's o.k. because we're at the end of cleaning the shower. And that shows us work, how much dirt we've got off from inside this shower. Do you see how shiny that is? There's no water marks left on it, no water spots and everything has been disinfected and is clean to touch and clean to use. So there's your shower, there's the inside of your shower, and now we're going to do the outside.