How to Remove Bleach Spots From Carpeting

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To remove bleach spots from carpeting, blot up the excess from the outside of the stain inward, douse the stain with a water and soap mixture and then blot the area dry after letting it soak for five minutes. Clean bleach from carpeting, smelling the... View Video Transcript

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Okay, we're moving on to the next stain and that is going to be bleach stains in carpet fiber. And bleach stains you can tell when it's out of the fibers by the way that the fibers smell. So it's a little bit more interactive, and usually I would recommend using gloves when dealing with bleach at all. So the first thing you want to do is you want to - if the area is fresh you want to just blot the area - if it's just happened. You can preferably - it has just happened, because then you can catch the bleach prior to it changing the pigment of the fiber itself. So once you blot it, then you want to rinse blot it, and all that means is just soaking the cloth itself in the water and blot it again. From outside in, especially with bleach, 'cause you don't want the bleach spreading to other areas that you're not cleaning, allowing it to sit and change the carpet fiber color. Once you do that, you want to mix one quarter teaspoon of mild liquid soap with a full cup of water. And you would want to douse the entire stain with the water. Once you do that you want it to sit there for five minutes, let it soak up no longer than five minutes though, and then when you come back you want to blot the area dry. And then you want to just rinse it with cold water. And you want to rinse it a couple of times, make sure you get the bleach out. And what you're doing now when you're doing the rinse blotting at the end, you are transferring the remaining bleach from the carpet fibers into the cloth. And that's when you want to smell the carpet and see if you've got the bleach out of it. If it still smells like bleach you want to continue flooding the area with water, and it should only take two or three times. And your cloth will smell like bleach. But your carpet won't. And if it's still there you want to change your cloth, use a paper towel or a different clean dry white cloth to continue pulling the bleach out of the carpet fibers. And then your stain will be gone at that point in time.