How to Clean Your Bedroom or Dorm Room

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Cleaning a dorm room is a multi-step process beginning with picking up and organizing things in the room. Cleaning bedrooms and dorm rooms usually involves making the bed and other details to make the room more space saving and livable. Use these tips to... View Video Transcript

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Hi. I'm Ann Myrick. Today I'm going to show you how to clean your bedroom or your dorm room. First things that you want to do is; I always like to make my bed. If my bed is made then I can pick up things off the floor and put them in piles on my bed and use my bed as a good flat surface. So, you want to make your bed. Then one thing about cleaning is you want; the more containers you have to put all the clothes and all your items. The neater it can be and the quicker you can do it. So, floor's picked up. Then I want to; a good way to organize your magazines is just instead of the magazines just being on the floor go on and just put them in a great basket. Then you can put the basket on a table. Once you have everything in its spot then you want to start from top to bottom. I have this great little duster that has an extending wall, so you can go around the edges of your wall to ceiling; get all the cob webs down. Then you can turn it up to the fan and clean the fan very carefully with that. That's a great little item that you can find in a store and then you want to dust your furniture. Here are some more magazines that I want to put up in my cute little basket. You want to dust your lamp shades, dust your blinds. Last thing you want to do after you dust is you want to come back and if you have a carpeted floor you want to vacuum. If you have a hard wood floor with a rug you want to sweep the hardwood floor. Then if you want to clean it with a dry mop and a detergent that works with hardwood floor and then shake your rug and get it clean. You might want to vacuum it also. You have a clean apartment or dorm room. This is Ann Myrick.