How to Tidy Up in 15 Minutes

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Tidying up a house in 15 minutes is all about multi-tasking, like wiping down the sink while brushing teeth. Discover other ways to organize a house in 15 minutes with tips from a professional house cleaner and organizer in this free video on... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Ann Myrick and today I'm going to show you how to tidy up in 15 minutes. What you want to do is just be very conscious of what you can be doing along with something else. If you're brushing your teeth you might be wiping down your sink. If you're taking a shower you might be just cleaning up the soap that maybe you put on your shower floor to get the stains off and then scrub that while you're showering. As you come into the bedroom you might just as you walk through the bedroom just pick up all the clothes that you have thrown on the floor. If you keep a basket of all the cleaning solutions you need and all the rags you need then you can just if you, each sink, each area has a basket where you can just go to that area and grab a rag out, grab a dust, the duster out and just go to it. So you just want to pick up as you go. Real quick, if you have duster you can just dust as you walk out the door. You can gather up your trash, take it downstairs as you walk out the door so all the trash is out of the room Gather up any glasses, any bottles. Look around and see if there's anything else that maybe needs to go downstairs and just take that. I can take my vacuum cleaner as I go down, go downstairs. So I have pretty much tried to clean up my room as I get ready to leave. And do the same, each room you can try to remind your child or your husband to do the same. As they walk out the door try to tidy up and pick up some things just to help clean so you'll be that much ahead of the game when you come in the next night.