How to Properly Fold a Fitted Sheet

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The proper way to fold a fitted sheet is to fold it upwards, flip one pocket inside out, place it in the other pocket and lay it down in a crescent moon shape. Discover ways to prevent fitted sheets from getting wrinkled with help from a professional... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Rachel Yatuzis and I'm going to show you how to properly fold a fitted sheet. So a lot of you this is news to you. There is a proper way to fold a fitted sheet. Yes, so that it won't be a big wadded up mess and take up too much space in your closet and look bad maybe on your guest bed. If some friends are coming in from out of town, you don't want to give them all wrinkly fitted sheets. So, this is how you're supposed to properly fold it. First off get it straight out of the dryer. Anything that's still warm when you take it out of the dryer it's going to not wrinkle as much. So, I'll bring it over here so you can see better what I'm doing. Fold it up with your hands inside the pockets like this. Take one pocket and flip it inside out and stick it up in to the other pocket. Now, the bottom corner is going to be flipped inside out. Just fix it. Now you've got this long part. You're stuck with two pocket puffets. Turn this one inside out. Just like you did before and stick it inside the other one. After you do this, your sheet is getting smaller, you can lay it on a flat surface and the elastic parts should make this crescent shape, a nice crescent moon shape, but it is nice and flat. That's when you fold it in half once, and the bottom part will be straighter than the top part is. So you fold it in half one more time, flatten it out nice and smooth and you have perfection. I'm Rachel Yatuzis and that's how you properly fold a fitted sheet.