How to Clean Bathrooms: Storing Chemicals

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Chemicals for cleaning bathrooms should be stored in a place that is out of the reach of children. Store chemicals out of the reach of children with tips from a housekeeper in this free video on cleaning bathrooms. View Video Transcript

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Now, just to go back on what I briefly mentioned, you want to make sure that you store your chemicals in a place that your little children can't get to them. I'm sure we've all heard of tragic stories on the news, or people that we know, you want to make sure that this whole thing can fit up nice and high, up on a shelf somewhere, where you know is even to high for them to bring a chair and get. Because children can be creative and they can find ways of finding things, but as long as you have it high enough, that they are protected from getting injured in any way, if you don't want them consuming any of this, so also if you don't have a place up high, if you have a low cupboard that you store your chemicals in, make sure that you at least go to Toy's R Us, or some place similar and get little locks that go on your cabinet doors. As a precaution, I would also recommend that you are aware of the phone numbers for Poison Control, you know, we never want to be in that situation, but make sure you at least know the phone numbers to call, it's always great to be, it's far best to be prepared, than to find yourself in a dangerous situation.