Bathtub Problem Areas to Remove Minerals & Deposits from Bathrooms

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Hi I am Mark Williams and on behalf of Expert Village and the producer of this series. You can visit our website at Okay now we are going to learn how to clean up a bathtub. The bathtub you got your spout which is typically chrome or brass. You have your overflow and your trip lever. This particular one has a hand held shower and the hand held shower slide bar. Now typically the tiles in the whole area if it is a less maintained shower you are going to have soap scum build up all over the entire inside of the shower. You are going to clean that off with either the chrome and tile cleaner. You might want to use a more mild agent for fiber glass because some fiber glass can be a lot more picky as far as what chemicals are used on them. Previous experience has thought me that some chemicals can crack. The shower walls would spontaneously crack because the chemicals cause them to be brittle and when they are touched or bump they will crack. So ceramic tile you don't really have to worry about.