How to Clean the Bedroom

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There’s nothing better than walking into a fresh bedroom, a clean bedroom, after a hard day at work. So there’s a few things that you can do daily, weekly, monthly to keep it a little bit more organized and clean and fresh smelling. First off you need to start by dusting all the corners and getting all the dust down and, you know, any sort of cobwebs or anything like that that get up there. Go ahead and do a thorough cleaning, wiping the baseboards and washing your sheets and so on. There’s a few things you need to do daily like making your bed, picking up all your, you know, if you take a drink to bed be sure to take that back to the kitchen. When you wake up in the morning, pull down your sheets and your comforter, let them air out while you’re getting dressed, you know, your normal morning routine, and then before you leave the house be sure to make your bed up. That way it keeps them smelling a little bit more fresh and in turn will help the bedroom feeling fresh. Then weekly you can go and vacuum, dust, make sure to wash your bed sheets, weekly, to keep them fresh and clean. You know, anytime dust starts smelling the bedroom starts to smell a little un-fresh. And then monthly, you know, you can just rotate your mattress, air throw rugs and pillows in sun, vacuum underneath bed, wash curtains. You know, just a little bit more of a deep cleaning.