Cleaning Plastic Knobs

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The plastic knobs on ovens or stoves can be pulled off and cleaned with a de-greaser and a grout brush. Scrub food and crumbs off of the bottom of plastic knobs with help from a residential home cleaner in this free video on housecleaning. View Video Transcript

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Hi, my name is Sandy and I'm with The Maids Home Services and I wanted to talk about how to clean plastic knobs. You'll generally find these on the front of the oven, or the stove, and they really just pull right off. Make sure after you get done cleaning that you pay attention to the inside that they go in exactly the way the metal pieces is coming out, and usually the off button is straight up and down. Just find out how your off button lands and line it up and it'll push back on properly. But after you've taken it off, you want to get a good de-greaser. You'll find lots of grease around the edges along the plastic and the knob part. Be sure to spray it on. You use your grout brush or old tooth brush. Clean the area. Check the underneath that there's any, sometimes there can be food and crumbs around the bottom. And I usually finish it up just to make sure. Just kind of go over it with a good scrubby. You want to rinse. Make sure you get any excess food off. Take a cloth. And now at this point, you're just drying the knob. Thee underneath, as well. And that would be how you clean a plastic knob.