Cleaning PVC Plastic

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Cleaning PVC plastic, found often as siding on houses, is best done with a mixture of bleach and dish soap that is scrubbed onto the surface with a sponge or mop. Clean plastic house siding once a year with information from a professional house cleaner... View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Rachel Yatuzis and I'm going to teach you about cleaning PVC plastic. A lot of things are made from PVC plastic. It is extremely durable. It holds up really well in bad weather so it has been used a lot on siding. A good way to clean it and hopefully you are only going to have to do this once a year or maybe even once every couple of years is to get a bucket like I have got right here. You want to put about a quart of bleach in the bucket and then add some dish soap. I would say add quite a bit maybe even up to half a cup. Now grab a mop and use this to really mix up the bleach and the soap. This is really going to be an excellent mixture to clean your plastic with especially you know your siding. You want to be able to use a mop because you want to be able to reach up as high as you can if you are not hiring professional cleaners to do this and you just mop your house like I said hopefully you will only have this once a year and if you have any naughty teenagers that didn't get the best of grades this is an excellent Summer chore for them or if they are wanting some extra allowance hand them a mop. Make sure that you wear gloves if you are going to try to get some spots with your hands, you don't want that much bleach touching your skin so make sure you wear gloves when you do this but it is fairly easy it is just very time consuming. After you you know just like if you are washing your car after you get the soap on there you want to rinse it, rinse it with the hose. I'm Rachel Yatuzis and that is how you clean PVC plastic.