How to Clean a VCR or Television

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House cleaning involves every aspect of the home including electronics such as the television and VCR. Cleaning a TV is done with regular glass cleaner and or duster, but cleaning a VCR should be done without liquid and by using canned air or a special... View Video Transcript

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Hey. I'm Ann Myrick. Today I'm going to tell you how to clean a VCR and a television. On the television what I would do is I would take a duster first and I would dust around the television, also to get the dust; the extra dust off the screen. Then I would take a glass product and read the direction on the bottle. Sometimes it will say unplug the television. That is always the safe thing to do. Today what; what I'm doing is I'm just going to; I'm not going to spray right onto the television that way I won't have a lot of drips on the; on the screen. I'll just spray just a little bit of the glass cleaner. That way I'm just cleaning the television screen and there's no liquid, nothing wet that could seep into the television. But, to always be safe you might want to unplug the television. In cleaning a VCR you do not want to use liquid. There's nothing glass on the VCR. So, what you need to do with the VCR is just clean the VCR with a dust rag or a feather duster. You don't want to clean inside. That's for something else. There are tapes that you can put in the VCR for that. Just outside, just lightly dust around your VCR and just keep the dust off of it. This is Ann Myrick and this is how to clean and television and a VCR.