Cleaning Moldy Plastic

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In order to remove mold off of plastic, wipe down the surface with soapy water, or try using 409 if the problem if serious. Rinse moldy plastic with clean water after wiping it down with advice from the owner of a cleaning service company in this free... View Video Transcript

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You got this wonderful plastic furniture out on your yard, it's getting a little mold on it. You need to get it off. I'm Cynthia Deer I'm with Three's Company Too and I'm going to show you how to remove mold off your plastic furniture. First thing you want to do is if you got a cushion remove it. The next thing you are going to do is grab some soapy water, use your sponge, wipe it down, use a little elbow grease if needed be. Wipe it all down, you are going to rinse it with water and then you'll dry it off. Now if you have a real problem you might use, need to use another product, a stronger product then just your soapy water. You can use your 409 or another product very similar. And again you would just put the product right on your furniture on the plastic, wipe it down, I recommend rinsing it off with some clean water and then drying it or letting it air dry. So I'm Cyn Deer this was how to clean mold off of your plastic furniture. Have a great day.