How to Overcome Chronic Disorganization

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The best way to overcome chronic disorganization is through the help of an organized friend and through plenty of encouragement. Fight the battle of disorganization with tips from a professional house cleaner and organizer in this free video on... View Video Transcript

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Hi, my name is Ann Myrick and we're going to talk about chronic disorganization. How to overcome it. And that's hard because there are some people that just generally, it's very hard for them to be neat. But they need some help. They need some, alot of times they might need a partner. They might need somebody, a friend to come in and just really help them start getting really cleaned out and just encourage them. And then once they can start getting it done then maybe the friend can leave and let them be on their own. So, in being chronically disorganized you need to maybe grab a friend, start working in your house and decide what you're going to do. Maybe write notes on "In my office, what needs to get done." I think if you're, if the house is badly in need of help it can overpower you and you just want to sit down and watch TV and not do anything. So, start with one room at a time or maybe even one area of the room at a time, write down what you need to do and then just set aside maybe two hours to work in that one area. And then you can do that throughout the house. Another thing to do is containers. Find containers. Put items, like items, put things in containers. Contain your paperwork, contain your newspaper. Put all your books in your bookcase. Find homes for things where everything will have a place to go. And then you will have to use the effort of putting them in that place. This is Ann Myrick and those are ways to work with being a chronic disorganizer.