How to Clean a Microwave

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A microwave can be cleaned by scrubbing hot water and soap in the inside of the oven. Discover more about how to make a microwave spotless in this free video from a professional home organizer about cleaning kitchens. View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Ann Myrick, and I'm going to show you how to clean a microwave today. I have just put hot soapy water into my sink, and I'm going to clo... I have a dirty microwave, so I'm going to take this glass plate out and put it down in the sink and let it soak because they get awfully greasy. And then, you want to take the track out that the plate sits on, and I put the soapy water; I mean the soapy detergent and water on the microwave and I'm just going to start cleaning. I'm going to go with the glass and clean the glass and all around, and then I'm going to wring the dirt out and then dip it back into the hot soapy water. And then, I'm just going to go the bottom and really give it a good scrub; the sides, and be sure and get the top. The top, because' it splatters; a lot of times the top is worse than any other part of the microwave, so you want to get the sides, bottom, just everything on the microwave. And then you go back through with a a dry towel and dry it up really good. And then, be careful with your plate since its glass, but you want to clean your plate. Put the track back in that the plate sits on, and be sure that you put the plate on the track. This is Ann Myrick, and that's how to clean a microwave.