Where to Keep Window Cleaning Tools

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Hey everybody, Tanner Falcon back from Danny Tanners Window Washing on behalf of Expertvillage.com. Now you're asking your self: Tanner, where do I put all those tools that I'm actually going to use for the windows? Am I supposed to hold them while I'm on the ladder? No, that's why you have your holster and your pouch. These are very important to being safe on your ladder. You've got your wand; you've got your want holster. This is made by Etory, straps on; it breaks away from the belt so you can fill it up with water. You put the water in the main compartment, and then you want to strap it back on to the main part actually of the belt. The wand goes like so into the holster and it holds there like that. That's for dipping and getting your wand wet so you can wet the windows. In the front of the wand you can actually see, there's another little compartment right there that's for your good old squeegee. Just like that. Other, the pouch. This is key to having the mini squeegee and your razor blade in. Razor blade always face down, never face your razor blade up, face down and your mini squeegee goes in the top one. I also keep various other little things in here. I keep an extra little squeegee blade and a little squeegee channel just is case and that's it. The last compartment of course your cell phone very handy for your cell phone and your i-pod or whatever else kind of devices you need may put in there. Next I'll be going ahead and talking about a little bit of some safety precautions you want to take while being on your ladder and washing windows.