Cleaning, Dusting, & Sweeping a Bathroom

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Hi my name is Jeremiah Johnson; I’m the owner and operator of S&J Cleanaway. And I’m just going to talk a little bit about dusting your bathroom. Upon entering the bathroom one of the first things you might want to do is go ahead and give it a quick dust. There’s a lot of places that dust hides and if you get a clean bathroom it’s just going to settle on to your clean surfaces. So places you’re going to want to look are going to be countertops in general, good places where dust hides is the top of the mirror, so you’re going to just spray down a paper towel and run it across the top of the line of the mirror and that will get off some of the dust that’s there. You’re going to want to get tops of your toilet, you’re also going to want to…if you have a vent fan in your bathroom, you’re going to want to try to clean that as good as possible so you got clean air ventilating throughout. And that is some good tips on keeping your bathroom dusted. And I’ll just give you some quick tips on sweeping a bathroom floor, you can either use a bristle broom or you can use a dust mop, either one works pretty good. You’re going to want to start in the corners on all edges, getting anything along the wall, working your way inward. Get all of you debris into a nice pile and from there you’re going to want to just use a small hand broom and a dust pan, sweeping it in and disposing of your debris. And that is sweeping a bathroom floor.