How to Eliminate Cigarette & Tobacco Odors

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Eliminate cigarette and tobacco odor by using Febreze and carpet powders, and vacuuming rugs and upholstery. Open up windows to air out stale cigarette smoke with tips from the owner of a cleaning service in this free video on cleaning. View Video Transcript

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It's the morning after a great party at your house and the one thing that's really bad is that cigarette or that tobacco odor that lays behind. I'm Cynthia Deer from 3's Company Too and I'm going to teach you how to get rid of that cigarette odor. There's a couple of different products out on the market these days. The Febreze which I personally love you get to spray it right on your upholstery, in the air, it works. I've used this, it's one of my favorite products. Then there's also the carpet type powders that you can sprinkle onto your upholstery or the carpet and that helps to make everything smell so much better. Sprinkle it on, we're going to let it sit for a few minutes like when I sprinkle it on the carpet I sprinkle out the whole floor then I go back and vacuum the whole floor. Then you want to let it sit and then you are going to vacuum it all up. That helps with the upholstery, that helps with the carpeting. Another thing is after the party, open up your windows and that helps get rid of that stale smokey air which as a reformed smoker, personally I don't like it and most people don't. So, hopefully you'll have a smoke free day.