Removing Carpet Stains by Buffing

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DAVID GREEN: Hi. My name is David Green with We were previously talking about agitation and the importance of that, and agitating it after you pre-treat the carpet. What we showed before was a brush that we used and actually the carpet. What we're going to show you now is a floor buffer and a special brush on the bottom that is soft enough that it won't damage the carpet, but aggressive enough that it will agitate the carpet much more aggressively. And this is what we refer--this is part, one part of what we refer to as our premium service or our restoration clean. In this, we'll just take it to another level to break down more soils and remove more from the carpet to help you restore the carpet and get it as clean as it can come. And this is still--this is just prior to our steam cleaning extraction. So this is just taking that agitation to another level to get that much better clean.