How to Clean Bathrooms: Shower Edges

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Using a disinfectant when cleaning the outside of a shower leaves a lovely shine. Disinfect the edges on the outside of a shower with tips from a housekeeper in this free video on cleaning bathrooms. View Video Transcript

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Okay, now we're just going to do the outside of the shower, which is very very easy. There's hardly any build up or dirt on the outside. We just want to polish up the hardware. So we're just going to, again with the disinfectant leaves a lovely shine. So why not use something that leaves a lovely shine as well, and shines. And we're just going to pull this dirt. The silver casing. And at the bottom here there's a little area. And you know this really needs hardly any, an elbow grease at all. Its just a little bit of dust, and that's it. Just one go around is all you need. Make sure you get the inside of the handle, because of course that's where your fingers goes, so you can have. You know you're always going to have germs wherever fingers go. So that's what you do for the casing, just one little wipe over with a disinfectant. Nice and shiny. And now we'll do the glass.