Will Hot Water Shrink Clothes?

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Hot water will shrink clothes to some extent, depending on the materials they are made from, as wool, cashmere and other sensitive fabrics are much more susceptible to shrinkage. Pay attention to the types of materials when doing laundry with advice from... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Rachel Yatuzis, and a lot of people were wondering about hot water and it's ability, or inability to shrink clothes. The answer is, hot water will shrink clothes. Yes. It really has a lot to do with how hot the water is, what material the clothing is. Something like sheets, a lot of people do want to wash them in hot water, because you only wash them every couple weeks, you know. They get a little more dusty and things like that. So you do want to use hot water to wash your sheet. They're going to be cotton, and it's not going to hurt them. You know, a cotton shirt, something like this, washing it in hot water is not going to hurt it. It's not going to shrink it too much, you know, as long as....it really won't shrink it at all if it's preshrunk. As long as you don't....if you put boiling water over a shirt, it will shrink it significantly. But just washing it in hot water, it'll be fine. If you have another material like cashmere or wool, I'd highly suggest washing them in cold water, or at least, you know, warm water. Cold water's best for more sensitive materials, or more materials...more likely to shrink. Cold water's better. And, it's really not necessary, with clothing, to wash it in hot water. You save energy by using cold water. That's always a plus. You know. But regular cotton tee shirts, and things like that, don't be afraid to wash 'em in hot water. It's perfectly fine. It will shrink wool and more sensitive materials. Cashmere, really anything, any sweater, you do not want to wash in hot water. Sweaters are cold water. So, I am Rachel Yatuzis, and yes, hot water will, in fact, shrink some clothing. You just have to pay attention to the labels and read them, and they'll tell you what to do. Sometimes your washing machine also will explain to you what to wash in hot water and warm water.