How to Change a Vacuum Cleaner Bag

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Hi. This is Travis on behalf of Expert Village talking to you about vacuuming today. And what I want to talk about now is actually changing the bag on this upright bag vacuum. In a previous clip, we talked about how you feel for it, (when it gets to a certain point) how to tell if it's full. This bag happens to be full. We just feel it on the outside. Our bags that we are using on this machine, when they are about half full, it's time to change those out. And again, those last depending on how often you vacuum, the frequency of your vacuuming, whether or not you have animals or pets and how much carpet you have in your house; whether you have the windows open and you are accumulating dust. There are many different factors on how fast it will fill up. So the best thing to do again, is to feel the bag every time before you start vacuuming, just to get an idea. So with this particular one with the zipper on the back, we just unzip the bag and then we can open it up and get to the inside of it. Just go ahead and grab the bag. You don't have to worry about getting your hands dirty because all of the dirt is in the bag. This is a HEPA filter bag, so very little is going to be on the outside. So we expose the bag and we get it out here. This one has a strap at the top that helps keep the bag to stay up at the top. So we can unhook that. What I like to do is just set it down, give it a couple of shakes like that. What that is going to do is it's going to take any dust that's accumulated in here and it's going to knock it down into the bag. So just give it a couple of taps if you can. And then, this one, all you do is just turn it and it pops right off. So slide your bag out. That's full. And as you can see there's really nothing in there, so we take the new bag. Most bags are very similar. They have the bag itself and then they'll have something like this that has a little piece of cardboard that is harder that you can actually hold onto and use in twisting. So with this one, you are going to put it on the end of the hose. It's got these little locking tabs right here and those fit with these little tabs. So you put it in there and you twist it just a little bit. You can see they are offset. So you put it on like this and turn it and that way it locks the bag on and makes sure that the bag doesn't come off. So we just line those up and now we just twist it. And that's it! Now the bag is on there. We go ahead and we grab the hanging strap and hook it back on. And then make sure that the bag don't have to worry about pulling it open. The machine will do that by blowing air down in there. But what you do want to make sure is that you get it back in there as straight as possible. Put it back as nice and neat as you can. Make sure that when you are in here changing your bag, it's always a good idea to check and make sure that you don't have any holes in the actual inner tube that is carrying the dirt to put it into the bag. If that happens, then you could have a real big mess. Sometimes holes get in there for various reasons. Maybe you sucked up a big rock that happened to go through and split your hose. Then you've got dust and dirt coming into your inner bag...into this outer bag instead of going into the inner bag. So we want to make sure we get it in there as good as we can. Again, it doesn't have to be perfect. We go ahead and zip it up. Then, I like to go ahead and turn it on, fluff it up and make sure it's in there right. Okay. And that's it for changing the bag.