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Hi. This is Travis on behalf of Expert Village talking to you today about vacuuming. What I want to talk about now is changing the bag. We talked previously about the types of bags; whether you have a bag; whether it's bagless; whether it's a water vacuum. With bag vacuums, they are going to have to be changed, obviously. They are going to get full. Frequency of changing the bag is going to depend on how often you vacuum, whether or not you have dogs or cats, whether or not you live in a house that has a mud floor or dirt floor, or carpet or hardwood floors. What you are going to want to do is make it a habit of telling yourself that every time you get out the vacuum, whether it's every day or every other day, to keep a constant check on it. The first thing you are going to want to do is feel the outside of the bag. Usually, you can get a pretty good idea of whether that bag is full or not. The other thing is that with these bags, is that when you unzip them, you can look at them and see that these bags actually have a line. Most bags do. They have a line; they say "recommended to not fill above this line." What will happen is...when they are a top-fill vacuum bag (and what I mean by top-fill is that there's actually a tube in here and it runs up and actually fills the bag from the top). Some upright vacuums will actually fill up from the bottom, so what you are doing is you are making it harder on the vacuum and the engine to actually work. Not only is it having to do the sucking and cleaning the carpet, but it it's having to actually push that dirt up and out of the way to get new dirt in there. So when you are looking at vacuums, that's one thing you might want to consider also is if it's a top-fill bag. You want it to fill from the top; nothing is in the way. All the dirt falls down into the bag and keeps falling and falling. And then, again, they do have the recommended lines on the bag to not fill past. That's because it's going to affect the performance of the machine. If you go past that line and you get up here, it's not going to...the bag's not going to filter as well, and it's just going to become overflowing and you'll notice a diminishing performance. So, keep an eye on the bag. That's one way you can do it. By feeling the outside of the bag, if you have a general idea of where your line is on your bag (whether it's half way up, three-quarters, a quarter...). Wherever it is, first feel the outside of the bag and if it feels like you are getting close, open it up, take a feel for it. This one actually needs to be changed. Make a feel for it, and then actually switch out the bag.