Carpet Cleaning Machines Maintenance

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DAVID GREEN: I'm David with and before, we talked about the equipment for carpet cleaning, and now we'll briefly talk about equipment maintenance. As far as some of the basics beyond normal scheduled maintenance, there's little things like this that a lot of people are not aware about, which will improve the quality of the cleaning as well as prevention of problems that can occur on the job. Right here is a pre-filter. There's a filter inside of here which we have to add on to all of our tools that stop sediment from going through, clogging up the tip, what sprays out the water. And when that happens, you're not going to get the same flow of water or the same even spray, so that's where it's going to affect the quality as well of the cleaning, and this will happen continuously if you don't have a pre-filter. And surprisingly, there's very few companies that actually put these on there. As far as other basic maintenance and day-to-day maintenance, from the wands there's--you can get lint or hair buildup inside here, so you want to clean out the heads of your tools. And with the machine, we walk around, the machine, there's--with pretty much all carpet cleaning machines, there's going to be a port to lubricate the blower, and with that we just use WD-40. Other than that, those are the basic things and then you're always going to have scheduled maintenance. Oh, another important factor is the filter boxes, the pre-filters. Right here we have a pre-filter; there's a filter inside there that catches lint. It's important to clean that regularly, rinse the filter, rinse the tank as well as the waste tank in the back. When not maintained properly, you can get excessive buildup in there that can damage the tank as well as--inside there, there's two filters that filter the air that's pulled in, and if that gets restricted, you don't get the same level of power from the vacuum. Another thing, obviously, is just keeping your van clean and maintained. It's a little bit tougher at this time of the year with freezing temperatures and sandy, salty roads every day, but if you live in San Diego you shouldn't have a problem with that. Gets a little trickier for us out here just even preventing our equipment from freezing. But that is pretty much it for the basic maintenance, and you can do deeper, in-depth maintenance or you can have your local companies that provide service for that, take care of that.