How to Clean Natural Tile Floors

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When cleaning a natural tile floor, use a commercial cleaner to remove grime, then mop with a vinegar and water solution. Clean tile floors with the housekeeping tips in this free video on home maintenance from a professional decorator and home cleaner. View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Ann Myrick and today I'm going to show you how to clean an natural tile floor. You want to first start with your broom and sweep very thoroughly your floor and get all the dust and grime off your floor and then you want to use a cleaner that is either a commercial cleaner or a natural product that will work on a natural tile floor. Be sure and read the directions and know what your product has in it. Today I'm just going to use a little bit of vinegar diluted with a bucket of water just to make it very gentle on the natural tile floor, wring it out very well and then on your floor you are just going to do a back and forth motion all the way across . With using vinegar and water you really do not have to go back and rinse. Some products you do but on this one you do not. But what I like to do is since this is a small floor I would just go on and scooch around with a towel and get all the extra water off and just buff it just to be sure I don't have water standing on my floor. This is Ann Myrick and that is how you clean a natural tile floor.