How to Move Ladders

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Whether you're making home repairs or washing windows, a good ladder can be a huge help. Learn how to move and maneuver ladders with tips from expert in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Hey everybody my name is Tanner Falcon from Danny Tanners Window Washing on behalf of Right now I'm going to show you how to actually maneuver your ladder safely into your household so you can go ahead and get some of the of the upper part of the windows inside of your house. You want to make sure that both ends of your ladder are covered by your sight. You want to know where you're going to be swinging this. You don't want to hit anybody, you don't want to damage a wall. So, going through a doorway, I've already inspected what?s going to be on the inside of here. I know exactly. There?s no surprise, there's not a little toy sitting around where I might slip on something and hurt myself. There's not a little kid I might step on there's not a dog that's going to run in front of me or anything like that. Everything is secure in my path. I want to come on in this way. Hold it like this. This is a light ladder so I'm not going to have to brace this on my shoulder or anything like that, I can hold this steady right here. I can maneuver my end tail like this; I can maneuver my head front. So, I want to bring it in like this. Carefully coming in right here and I want to watch both ends, both ends all the time. Bring it up if you have to. Do twist and turns but know where you're going to turn this. I don't turn and then think about it, I think and then I turn. So I thought and now I'm right here. As you can see now I've got to move forward this way I can't obviously go in like this or like that. I've got to come straight through here so I can make it into an angle where I can actually go into the door. Bring it through here. I see I have to go in there, I bring it past here, still got my eyesight on both ends, and I bring it in here now. I'm sliding this angle, there's no one inside the doorway -I know this. I'm going to come straight like this. As soon as I enter right here I want to watch this back end come out. Swing this end out and then enter into the house. As soon as I'm in the house you're ladder is very dirty. It may not look dirty it may look shiny and clean but there is dirt on this, all over this ladder. You got white walls? You don't want to touch your walls with the ladder or your hands. You want to make sure that your clear of everything. In most houses I have to deal with chairs, vases, any kind of weird furniture, I have to maneuver over something heavy things. So I keep it up here. I obviously am going to walk over to my exact spot I spotted, walk a couple feet, check my view. I see I need to swing underneath myself right now. So I'm going to think first, swing under, top goes up. Because you may think that you're swinging something up but you didn't see that painting up there and boom you hit it. No, there's nothing there. You bring this down. If you need to rest don't take the chance by being tired and dropping it on something. So here it is now, I have an open access to this window now.