Tips for Organizing the Living Room

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The living room is always a trouble spot in a room. Because there’s lots of clutter, ya know, because people just come in and throw their shoes down. It’s amazing how just picking up the shoes in the room can really help with just keeping it look a little more clean. Start out with clutter and just buy a file organizer, or however you file your bills, and just go in there and put them in the correct spots. You know utilities, but your utility bills in there and so on. Start by about fifteen minutes of doing the clutter, picking up the shoes, you know fifteen or twenty minutes. Then, you’re going to want to of course start from the top of the room and work your way down. Dust all corners, get the baseboards, dust all the furniture. Make sure you clean all framed outwork, but be sure you do not actually spray the solution on the glass because it can seep through and ruin the artwork. Spray it on a rag and then wipe it down.