How to Get Candle Wax Out of Your Carpet & Other Fabrics

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Getting candle wax out of carpet and other fabrics requires applying a porous cloth or paper bag over the stain, and then moving an iron slowly over the surface to melt the wax and draw it into the cloth or paper. Get wax out of carpet using a capillary... View Video Transcript

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Okay, we're moving on to the next type of stain which is candle wax. Candle wax in carpet fibers. We're just going to apply a bit of wax to the carpet fiber and let it dry quickly. Now, candle wax is pretty easy to get up. You can use a cloth like this or a brown paper bag, anything that has a porous surface. So you can bring the candle wax up in to the material using what's call a capillary motion which basically allows, this is the same thing as the candle wax melting in the candle and being drawing up in the wick. So you want to just place the cloth material or brown paper bag over the spot and you want to apply a hot iron to the area. And move it around rapidly. And what the heat is going to do is it's going to cause the wax to melt and get drawn up in to the material itself. And if we pull it away, you can see that the wax is gone off the surface of the carpet. And if it still remains, you can do it again. Just moving it around and just make sure you melt the wax. Don't press too hard otherwise you'll end up melting the wax down in to the latex base. Which could melt the carpet as well. And the wax is absolutely gone.