Cleaning Plastic Deck Chairs

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Cleaning plastic furniture or desk chairs can be done with dish soap, a scrub brush and a terry cloth. Avoid using expensive cleaners when getting stains off of plastic deck chairs with help from a residential home cleaner in this free video on... View Video Transcript

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My name is Sandy and I'm with The Maids Home Services and I wanted to talk about how you clean plastic deck chairs, patio furniture. I've got a pail of warm water with Dawn dish soap and a scrub brush and a terry cloth. What I do is I take the brush and I am using it to scrub and agitate the surface and clean it real good and get all the stains off. We are going to just use this to go back over it and absorb all the soap and water and then I like to use a dry one to just detail it all and rinse it real good. With plastic deck furniture or chairs there is really no need to use any expensive product or chemical, Dawn dish soap or dish soap in general with some warm water and a scrubby is really all you need for the elements that they are going to come across outside and that would be how you clean plastic deck chairs and furniture.