Vacuum Cleaner Handle Tips & Advice

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Learn tips and advice on the handles of vacuum cleaners in this free cleaning and home maintenance video on vacuum cleaners. View Video Transcript

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Hi. This is Travis on behalf of Expert Village talking to you about vacuums. And what I want to show you know is the actual handle on this particular upright vacuum. With the handles for a lot of different reasons, what you'll find is that they are adjustable. This one has a couple of settings on the handle. One of those is in the middle. It allows you to put the handle all the way down. Let's say you have a table in your living room that sits up to about here. Well, if you put it in the middle, this allows you to put the handle all the way down and push it all the way under that table. Now, it also has another setting where it's going to catch after you get the handle down about three-quarters of the way. And what that is for is if you are wanting to go from carpet over tile to another carpeted floor, you can lift it up so that the head doesn't actually scratch the floor while you are moving it from carpet to wood or tile to another carpet. And then, the other setting on this particular one is that you put it all the way down and then you can lock the handle down itself. That particular setting on this type of an upright vacuum is for shampooing the carpet, which we'll get to in another series. But, those are the settings on the handle that you might want to look for and adjust it accordingly.