Homemade Odor Eliminators

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Hi there. Today, we're talking all about how to get rid of odors in your home, and I brought forth some great homemade ideas to getting rid of those odors. Now you might already have these things in your cupboard. Sure you could go out and get things from the store, but let's look at some of these homemade ideas. First off, let's talk about dryer sheets. Dryer sheets are wonderful in the dryer, but did you know that you can also use them in your air conditioning vent? That's right, just tape them up behind there and it produces this really nice smell throughout your house. There's so many great scents that dryer sheets come in now. My personal favorite happens to be the vanilla. But get yourself a box and try that out. Next, onto the white distilled vinegar. I know, vinegar right? Just pour some in a bowl. Put it in the middle of the room and let it do its work. It's going to absorb all the nasty odors in the room. Next, what I've done is I've gotten my favorite fabric softener, and I've sprayed this throughout the house. I can spray it on the curtains, on the couch, on the chairs, on the rug. I've diluted it with water so I don't have to fear about it leaving stains, and smells great. On to my husband's deodorant. You're probably wondering, "Men's deodorant, what is she going to do with that?" Men's deodorant, the gel kind, the stick kind, can be cut up in little tiny squares and put throughout the house. That's right. I usually get a little piece of tin foil, and I put a small bit of that deodorant, and I put it in places that you wouldn't think of, like a sock drawer or maybe in with the towels, or some places that get a little musty. Guess what? It absorbs odors. So get yourself an extra men's deodorant and do that. Onto the vanilla. What you want to do is get your vanilla and a cotton ball, and really saturate that cotton ball. Then you can leave this out in a dish and it makes a whole room smell like vanilla and it absorbs odors. And guess what? You can use it in your vacuum bag as well. Guess what your rug is going to smell like? It's going to smell like vanilla. It's a really nice treat. Lastly, if you like coffee as much as I do, what you want to do is get some coffee and pour it into a filter, and just leave that out in your room. It does really absorb odors, and it also creates this really yummy smelling coffee scent that goes on through the day, like you're having your morning coffee all day. So there you have it, some great homemade ideas to get rid of odors in your home.