What to Look for in a Vacuum

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In a vacuum cleaner, look for attributes that meet specific cleaning needs, such as a cleaner designed to pick up pet hair, a vacuum with disposable bags or one made to vacuum hard wood floors. Find a vacuum cleaner that meets the desired criteria with... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Rachel Yatuzis, and I'm going to show you how to choose a vacuum cleaner. You want to find one that fits your needs. If you have a home with pets, you want to pick one that, now they make 'em, you know, specifically for pet hair, like this one. It comes with this attachment. You know, there's several different attachments for this vacuum that work excellent for pet hair. Another thing you want to look for is, where are the vents on the vacuum? Sometimes, for some reason, vacuum manufacturers put the vents on the front. And when you're trying to vacuum, it's blowing everything outta your path. So, it kind of makes it pointless, and it kind of just blows all the pet hair and dust and whatever around the house. So, you know, this one has a reusable, little attachment that they empty. Oops. It's really, you know, really simple and easy to use. This one has a bag that's disposable. It's a little less messy when you wanna, you know, dump it out, or dump the bag out and get rid of all the dust and things that you vacuumed up. You want to look at how long the cord is. You want a long cord, so you don't have to walk around and plug it and unplug it so much. If you have a house with hardwood floors, you get dust underneath tables sometimes, and there are vacuum cleaners you can buy that are made to go up under things really well. These wouldn't fit underneath stuff as easily, but a lot of times, you know, the actual part that you push is made to go up under tables and things like that really well. So really it's just up to you, and a lot of times, with vacuum cleaners, what you pay for is what you get. So, you know, try not to scrimp. It's something you're going to have for a long time. I'm Rachel Yatuzis, and that is how you choose a vacuum cleaner.