How to Clean Crayon From a Wall

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How to Clean Crayon From a Wall - Provided by eHow
House cleaning can involve odd situations such as removing kids' crayon marks from walls. Clean crayon markings off of walls using regular fingernail polish and a clean, white paper towel. Save the cleanliness of each wall in the home using this free... View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Ann Myrick and today I'm going to show you how to take crayon off your painted walls. We have a little spot right here of crayon and what I'm first going to do is just I'm going to wipe over it because there is a little bit of a pile up of the crayon that can just kind of come off on my sponge. So I'm going to wipe it off so I don't get any dust or anything else caught up with it and then I'm just going to take regular polish remover, fingernail polish remover and I'm going to use a white paper towel. A lot of times if you use a colored, something that has color in it whether it is a red cup towel or colored paper towel the ink or color might come off on the wall so go on and use something that is just very white and I'm just going to take it and just carefully rub and then I'm going to go back over it and then rub some more and sometimes you really have to, it's coming off but it comes off in stages so you just go back over it and just keep on getting, I'm getting my paper towel a little more wet. So with a small spot polish remover is good also. If it is a harder spot sometimes it won't come off as quickly so also Fantastic or other commercial products if you just put a little bit on your rag and just work with it it will come right off. This is Ann Myrick and that is how to remove crayon off your walls.